Help us name 3 of our rarest blue macaw species
– Spix’s macaw, Lear's macaw and Hyacinth macaw.

Contest Period: 3 Nov - 10 Nov 2017
Thank you for your interest in our Name our rarest blue macaw species contest.
The contest is now closed.
Check back on 22 November 2017 for the winning entries.
Spix’s macaw *

Help us give this adorable little blue macaw a name she would love!
(e.g. Sarah The Spix’s Macaw)
Lear's macaw *

As we welcome our pretty Lear’s macaw, help us give her a name!
(e.g Lisa The Lear’s Macaw)
Hyacinth macaw *

Jurong Bird Park’s biggest blue macaw is ready to welcome his new friends, help us name him too!
(e.g Henry The Hyacinth Macaw)
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